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transmission has been achieved over several thousand km of distance.
There are several start up companies who are developing soliton transmission systems i.e., Algety, Solistis and PhotonEx.
Soliton can upgrade old single mode fiber systems from 2.5 Gb/s to 1 Tb/s.

Some Recent Achievements:

In Time Divsion Multiplexing (TDM):
40Gbit/s transmission over 10,000km in dispersion managed system (by KDD in 1998)

100Gbit/s transmission over 1,000km in densely dispersion managed system (by Nortel in 1999)

In Wavelength Division Multipleing (WDM):
1Tbit/s (20Gbit/s x 50Channels) transmission over 1,000km in dispersion managed standard fibers (by Algety in 1998)

1.1 Tbit/s (20Gbit/s x 55Channels) transmission over 3,000km in dispersion managed system (by Japanese STAR Consortium in 1999)

270Gbit/s (10Gbit/s x 27Channels) transmission over 9,000km in dispersion managed system (by Bell Laboratories in 2000)