Executive Consultant
Dr. Akira Hasegawa, Professor Emeritus, Osaka University: The Father Of The Optical Soliton and Information Transfer in Fibers.
Dr. Akira Hasegawa
1. discovered the Optical Soliton
2. derived the master equation for information transfer in fibers
3. derived consept of all optical transmission system
4. received:

  1991 Rank Prize (England)
  1995 C&C Prize (Japan)
  1999 IEEE Quantum Electronics Award (USA)
  2000 American Physical Society Maxwell Prize (USA)
  2008 Japan Academy Prize
  2010 The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon (Japan)

  2011 European Physical Society Hannes Alfven Prize
5. was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff of Bell Laboratory,
  Adjust Professor of Colombia University and Professor of Osaka University